— Our Service

Apart from providing decor products from overseas, we also provide services such as installation on arrival and maintenance after-sales.

We provide a one-stop solution for the whole project of interior decoration, cooper entrance doors and gates.

To start with we would have a thorough understanding of their expectation.
We can select the most suitable products and build-up a 3D presentation with the imitation of the virtual environment.

With full admission, we will start to decorate the house and manufacture the product.

On delivery, we will have final QC and function testing.

— Our History

According to our sophisticated working process and experience, we use to prepare sufficient tools, sample, colour index, etc. to meet our customer.  We will carefully listen to the expectations of the customer, record them with sketches and professional notes.

Then we will work with our creative design team to visualize our customers’ idea into a floor plan and three-dimensional view. According to the customers' budget, we will select the building materials and decoration products that are most suitable for them.

Finally, we will organize a professional project proposal including design drawings, product quotation, installation details and after-sales maintenance contract. Then according to the plan, we contact various manufacturers to order decorative products, accessories, etc.

After the manufactures complete production, we will arrange all the transportation to Hong Kong for proper installation.

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